Thursday, July 23, 2009

JQuery Searchable Select Plugin

This is my first release of this plugin, many things need to get better, yes, but I think as it is will still help and allow me to upgrade it with your suggestions and feedback.
The usage is:

$("some selector for selects").searchable();

//To use parameters:
$("some selector for selects").searchable({arrowImage: 'some path'});

The available parameters are:
arrowImage: absolute image path
arrowImageOver: absolute image path
arrowImageDown: absolute image path
highlightItemBgColor: css color
highlightItemTextColor: css color
elementStyle: css style ()

You can download it here

jquery plugin

I've started to develop my first jquery plugin, i'ts almost ready, I just have to parametrize images and stuff like that, to leave it the more customizable as we all enjoy. Since I haven't found any plugin to do what this one does, I'm guessing many of you will use it, and hopefully enjoy it as much as I do...
Coming soon! :)